Majestic Sweetness

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reformedpraiseMajestic sweetness sits enthroned
Upon the Savior’s brow;
His head with radiant glories crowned,
His lips with grace o’erflow.
Behold the beauties of His face
And on His glories dwell;
Regard the wonders of His grace
And all His triumphs tell. vollständiger Text…


Additional Song Information

The lyrics were adapted by David Ward. Verses 1-3a are based on Samuel Stennett’s original hymn “To Christ the Lord Let Every Tongue” while verse 3b is from Anne Steele’s “To Our Redeemer’s Glorious Name.” Caffy Whitney adapted the melody from a song by Connie Dover titled “I Am Going to the West.” Connie has graciously given us permission to use her beautiful melody. The harmonization is by David Ward.


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